Buster – Glenleigh’s Unofficial Mascot

One of the qualities that has always been present in our Glenleigh neighborhood is kindness.  As a group of neighbors, Glenleigh residents care about doing the right thing for their neighbors. NoBusterw, it is apparent that kindness has been extended to our animal friends.
The story of the little brown and black dog who roamed in Glenleigh for nearly four months, is a good example of that kindness.  This little pup ‘s future may not have been so bright, had he lived somewhere
else.  But, Glenleigh neighbors fed him, provided him shelter and attempted to give him companionship.  It was clear that he liked people, but, for whatever reason, was always hesitant to get too close.
It was a cooperative effort of many compassionate people who cared enough about this dog to gently capture him, treat his scrapes, take him to a vet, and provide lodging for him until he could be permanently adopted.   This little pup touched the hearts of many and may always be thought of as the Glenleigh mascot.  Thank you, Glenleigh neighbors!
— Debby Meyer