Covenants Clarifications

Times have changed since the Covenants were first drafted back in 1985.   As certain situations arise, the Board must review particular clauses and make interpretations based upon their context.

Below is a current list of clarifications the Board has made to some of the clauses.   The Board is always happy to review any points in the Covenants and provide interpretations.  If you have any questions, please send an email to


Article VI, Section 2:   Use of LotsAll Lots shall be used for single-family residential purposes exclusively. No business or business activity shall be carried on or upon any Lot at any time except with the written approval of the Association.

In this day of telecommuting, independent consultants and small businesses, it is unrealistic to maintain that no work whatsoever shall never be undertaken in our subdivision. Therefore, the Board is granting approval for residents to engage in work activities within their homes that do not cause a disturbance to neighbors related to increased traffic to and from the home, increased occupancy, or elevated noise. No signs concerning the business may be displayed anywhere on the premises or in common areas.


Article VI, Section 3:   Signs.  No sign of any kind shall be erected by an owner within the Community without written consent of the Board.

In an effort to eliminate a lot of back-and-forth, the Board has voted to allow the following signs to be erected without requiring approval.

Signs should be standard size (about 2′ square) and stake into the ground. No signs can be hung from or affixed to any homes or fences, and can be placed only on a homeowner’s personal property and not common property, including for sale signs.

For common property, directional signs guiding people to an open house, yard sale or party are permitted.  Directional signs can be placed on the day of the event only, and  must be removed promptly when the event is over.

Permitted signs (no approval required):

— Alarm company (“This Home is Monitored by”) signsyard-signs
—  For Sale / Open House signs
—  Yard Sale signs (must be removed when the sale is over)
—  House party location sign
—  Holiday signs used for decorative purposes
—  Collegiate signs (during game season)
—  Campaign / Election signs (must be removed within 1 week after the

Any other type of sign not listed above will require approval from the Board by sending an email to