Pool & Tennis

Pool Committee:                                        Tennis Operations:
Bob Bush, Jason Lounsberry                          Reese Barillari
pool@glenleigh.com                                  tennis@glenleigh.com


The swimming pool and tennis courts comprise the common areas of Glenleigh subdivision, offering residents quality recreational facilities. The upkeep and maintenance of these areas represent the largest line item in the HOA budget, and the majority of annual homeowner dues are allocated here.

The facilities are primarily for use by Glenleigh residents and their guests.  The Glenleigh Board of Directors, however, has granted use rights of these facilities to a limited number of non-members (Glenleigh Facility Members), for a predetermined initial and annual fee.  For more information on Facility Membership, please click here.

As a key feature in our community, there are rules in place to ensure these areas are kept in top condition for the enjoyment of all residents.  It is up to all of us in the community to respect and uphold these rules.

Pool Tennis Bathhouse


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