The Glenleigh Homeowners’ Association (GHOA) is governed by an elected Board of Directors, comprised of your fellow homeowners who fulfill key leadership roles to ensure that our Declaration of Covenants are upheld and our neighborhood remains a pleasant, well-maintained community. 

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The By-Laws of GHOA are the guidelines for the operation of the Association. The bylaws define the duties, rights, and responsibilities of the Board as well as the terms of its Directors, voting rights of homeowners, required meetings and notices of meetings, and other specific items that are necessary to run the GHOA.

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During the closing procedure of our Glenleigh home purchase, we all signed a contract as a new homeowner agreeing to adhere to the guidelines set forth in our Declaration of Covenants established by the neighborhood builder, John Wieland Homes.Satellite View

The Declaration of Covenants is the legal document that lays out the guidelines for the Glenleigh community. The Covenants are recorded as a public document registered with the Cobb County Superior Court Clerk, and are legally binding. This means that when you purchased your home here, you automatically became a member of the GHOA.

No homeowner can ever recall having read these Covenants prior to, let alone during, the closing procedure. Nevertheless, it is important for you the homeowner to read and comply with this document. Please keep the Covenants with your other important household documents.