As a community with binding Covenants, the GHOA assess annual dues for all homeowners.

Annual dues comprise the operating budget of the GHOA, and are used to maintain and repair (as needed) all of the community common areas including:

—  All common structures, fences and landscaping

—  Pool area, including all pool equipment, chemicals, pool house and furnishings

—  Tennis courts and lighting

—  Parking lot at neighborhood entrance

—  Entrance / Exit areas, including the traffic island and entrance signs


Annual dues are currently $600 per household, and are paid in April of each year.  A notice of dues renewals is sent to each household prior to the April deadline, and will ask for certain demographic information in order to keep the community listings updated.

Failure to pay your annual dues will result in the suspension of pool and tennis court access, as well as receipt of the Glenleigh newsletter.  If dues continue to remain unpaid, the GHOA Board can pursue legal action including fines and implementing a lien on  your property until any outstanding balances are settled in full.