GHOA Board

Board of Directors

The Glenleigh Homeowners’ Association (GHOA) is governed by an elected Board of Directors. The Board is comprised of fellow Glenleigh homeowners who fulfill key leadership roles to ensure that the Declaration of Covenants  are upheld and our neighborhood remains a pleasant, well-maintained community.

The duties, rights and responsibilities of the GHOA Board are recorded in the By-Laws of the Glenleigh Homeowners’ Association.  The By-Laws also outline the election criteria and term limit of each Board position.

Current GHOA Board of Directors

Warren Parrino

Tony Volrath

Priscila Colas

Steve Gigantiello

For questions about the GHOA, or for clarification on any of the Covenants or By-Laws, please don’t hesitate to contact any of your GHOA Board members listed above, or send an email to: