Non-Homeowner Facility Memberships

The Glenleigh HOA and homeowners welcome the use of our neighborhood recreational facilities to a limited number of non-homeowners from the local area, called Glenleigh Facility Members.   An annual fee of $625 (plus a one-time initiation fee of $100) must be paid in full and rules must be followed in order to enjoy use of the Glenleigh facilities.  Please see Section 18 “Use of Recreational Facilities by Non-Members” in the Glenleigh Declaration of Covenants.

Facility Member Rules & Regulations

—  The Facility Membership Agreement must be completed and approved, and the annual fee of $625 must be paid in full in order for Facility Members to enjoy use of the Glenleigh pool and tennis courts.

—  Only Facility Members and their immediate family members are allowed at the Glenleigh pool.  No outside guests or parties are permitted.

—  Facility Members are permitted to bring up to 3 guests to the tennis courts in order to play double rounds.  These guests need not be immediate family, but must be accompanied by a paid Facility Member.  These guests are not permitted in the pool area.


For more information about Glenleigh Facility Memberships, please contact