Covenants Non-Compliance

ViolationAs Glenleigh homeowners, we each have a responsibility to the community to keep our properties maintained and to be respectful neighbors.  This is important so that we can all maximize the value of our homes.

In order to maintain community integrity, the Glenleigh Board conducts a monthly assessment of the neighborhood to record any non-compliance issues.

Glenleigh is now over 30 years old, and roofs, siding, windows, exterior doors, shutters, lawns and fences are showing their age.  Maintenance of these areas is critically important not just for maximum home value or to enhance curb appeal, but also to avoid costly repairs.  If your siding is buckled or mildewed, gutters are clogged or your chimney cap is rusted, it’s not just unsightly … it’s also an indication of water infiltration or other ongoing damage from the elements. These issues need to be taken care of as quickly as possible; a minor repair job today will be in the thousands if allowed to go unaddressed.

Properly maintaining your home ensures the highest values not just for yourself, but for your neighbors as well!


Yards in need of maintenance. One of the responsibilities of owning a home is to maintain your yard. Over-grown bushes, lawns without proper mowing and/or edging, yard debris left in the street, weeds growing in cracks of sidewalks and driveways are unsightly and give the neighborhood a run-down appearance.

Lack of landscaping bed refurbishing. Mulch and pinestraw not only keep weeds away, but make your flowerbeds look neat and maintained.

Siding and/or fences in disrepair or in need of pressure washing. Mildewed or broken fences and siding are very unsightly, degrade the value of your home and can lead to more extensive or costly issues due to continuous water damage.  Pressure washing and regular maintenance is key to keeping these areas in good repair.

Garbage cans visible from the street. Garbage cans should be removed from the curb on the day of your scheduled trash pick-up, and stored in an area where they are not visible from the street.

Cars parked on the street. Our streets aren’t wide enough to accommodate both parked vehicles and moving traffic. If you are having a gathering at your home that will involve numerous vehicles, encourage your guests to park up at the Pool lot or utilize your driveway as much as possible.

Boats, trailers, play equipment or trash/debris/construction materials visible in driveways or front yards. Materials from a home improvement project should be kept indoors or in your backyard when not being utilized. If you own a boat or RV and need to have it at your home for a few days for seasonal maintenance, please send and email to the Glenleigh Board for approval prior to parking it.

Mailboxes and/or posts in disrepair. If your mailbox is leaning or if the door has come off, please get it fixed. The current boxes are over 10 years old and many are in desperate need of repair.

Dogs and cats wandering freely. Dogs must be leashed at all times. Smaller animals (especially cats) should be kept in-doors or they don’t fall prey to the coyotes, hawks and owls in the area.

Front doors in need of a fresh coat of paint. This is a simple, inexpensive fix that can go along way in sprucing up the appearance of your home.

Broken or faded shutters.  The shutters are a prominent feature of your home, and should be maintained at all times.

Clogged gutters.   Clogged gutters mean that water is not being properly diverted from your home, and can lead to expensive water damage if not cleaned regularly.


First Notice
If a violation is noted at your property:

  • CMA will issue a notice identifying the violation and the steps you should take to correct it.
  • Homeowners have ten (10) days from receipt of this notice to address the issue, or contact CMA to discuss the matter further.
  • Depending on the circumstances, an extension may be granted in order to correct the violation.

Second Notice (Fine Assessment)
If the noted violation is not corrected within ten (10) days from the receipt of the First Notice:

  • A Fine Notification will then be issued.
  • Fines accrue at $25 per day, per violation until the issue is resolved, and are assessed as a lien on the property.
  • When you go to sell your home or re-finance your mortgage, the process cannot be completed until the fines (lien) are paid in full to Glenleigh.

In extreme cases, the GHOA has the authority to take legal action to collect a fine, or come onto a homeowner’s property to take care of the issue with all costs and fees at the homeowner’s expense.

No one wants to be in the position of issuing violation notices, imposing fines or taking homeowners to court, but it is the responsibility of the Board to enforce the Covenants so that Glenleigh remains a peaceful, well maintained community. This is what they were elected to do, and are working in everyone’s best interest.

For questions concerning Covenants control or violations, please contact:

We can all do our part by keeping our properties up, being respectful neighbors, and
enjoying all that Glenleigh has to offer!