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Glenleigh Pool
PoolThe main pool is 10′ at the deepest end. In addition to the main pool, the area also features a baby pool, pool house with Women’s and Men’s restrooms, ample sunbathing areas, conversational groupings of chairs, tables and chaise lounges. The Women’s restroom is equipped with a diaper-changing station.

The pool area is secured by a swipe-card lock system. Residents are issued a Pool Access Card, which remains active provided that HOA dues are paid and current. If dues aren’t paid, or if back-balances are accrued, access cards are deactivated until any outstanding balances are paid in full.

To obtain a pool access card, or to report problems with an existing card, please send an email to

The access card system is a key security feature for the pool area. Residents are advised not to grant entry to anyone they don’t know, or who do not have an access card.

The Glenleigh pool is subject to rules established by Cobb County ordinances which the HOA must abide by for insurance purposes. The rules are posted on a large sign at the pool house, and all residents, as well as their family and any guests, must observe these rules so that everyone can enjoy safe fun. Please see the Pool Policy letter for more information.


As a result of Governor Kemp’s Executive Order from May 12, 2020, seasonal pools, including HOA pools, may now open if they have received a passing inspection from the health department and have implemented the Georgia Department of Public Health’s required measures to prevent the transmission of COVID-19. The CDC has advised that pool water that passes inspection and maintains the requirements is safe to swim in. This advice does NOT prevent the decking and bathroom environments from being able to transmit the virus. Some advice includes the wearing of masks once you exit the pool water area and are on the decking area or using the bathroom facilities. We are relaying what we have been told; we are not mandating that you use them.


* The pool will be open from 9:00am – 9:00pm.

* If you or anyone in your group is ill, running a fever, coughing or has any other symptoms of Covid-19, please DO NOT ENTER THE POOL AREA.

* You will need to bring your own sanitizing wipes in order to enter.

* There will be a sign in sheet as you enter – you will need to visually check to see if there are available seating areas and choose an area where you will sit. If there are no available seating areas, we ask that you come back another time. Also, we have had to remove some of the seating in order to accommodate the 6′ social distancing policy. There will be only 13 seating areas, including the two pavilions.

* We will operate on an “If You Touch It, You Wipe It” policy.

* No parties will be allowed until further notice.

* No guests allowed other than extended family members who are visiting you. Seating will be arranged to allow for 6′ social distancing requirements. Please do not change the seating arrangements! If additional seating is needed for your own family group, you will need to bring your own seating and keep the seating within the spacing set for 6′ feet social distancing.

* If you or your children use the bathroom, you will need to wipe anything you touched before leaving.

* Please use the trash can labeled “USED WIPES” – it will have a hole in it so you can deposit wipes without touching the lid.

* Children under 12 MUST be accompanied by an adult both at the pool and in the pool bathrooms. If you have younger children, however, DO NOT LEAVE THEM UNATTENDED while you assist/monitor the child in the bathroom to make sure things are wiped before leaving.

* When you leave the pool, we ask that you wipe down your seating area in preparation for someone coming in behind you to be able to use the area.

* If you use the grill, wipe anything you touch when you are done.

* You will need to bring your own pool toys and are asked not to share pool toys during this pandemic. We have removed the communally (in the past) shared pool toys.

* Please pay attention to the COVID signage – it is there to help you stay safe in this unprecedented pandemic.

* One note unrelated to COVID – the baby pool is closed until at least July while we are working on getting a leak fixed.

As always, we are working hard to keep our community safe and pleasant to live in. Thank you in advance for complying and making sure that your children comply as well.

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