Glenleigh Pool

Pool Committee


Glenleigh Pool
PoolThe main pool is 10′ at the deepest end. In addition to the main pool, the area also features a baby pool, pool house with Women’s and Men’s restrooms, ample sunbathing areas, conversational groupings of chairs, tables and chaise lounges. The Women’s restroom is equipped with a diaper-changing station.

The pool area is secured by a swipe-card lock system. Residents are issued a Pool Access Card, which remains active provided that HOA dues are paid and current. If dues aren’t paid, or if back-balances are accrued, access cards are deactivated until any outstanding balances are paid in full.

To obtain a pool access card, or to report problems with an existing card, please send an email to

The access card system is a key security feature for the pool area. Residents are advised not to grant entry to anyone they don’t know, or who do not have an access card.

The Glenleigh pool is subject to rules established by Cobb County ordinances which the HOA must abide by for insurance purposes. The rules are posted on a large sign at the pool house, and all residents, as well as their family and any guests, must observe these rules so that everyone can enjoy safe fun. Please see the Pool Policy letter for more information.


• Glenleigh is a swim at your own risk pool. No lifeguards are on duty.
• Unattended solo bathing is prohibited.
• Children should not use pool without an adult in attendance.
• Supervision and safeguarding of users of the baby pool is the responsibility of the parents of the children using the wading pool.
• Children three years old and younger, as well as any child not potty trained, must wear snug fitting plastic pants or a water resistant swim diaper. A diaper changing station is located inside the Women’s restroom of the pool house.
• NO glass articles allowed in or around the pool (This includes the entire area within the pool fence).
• NO weapons or sharp objects (knives, hair pins, play swords, etc.)
• NO breakable toys (e.g., brittle plastic squirt guns)
• NO food, drink or wrappers shall be permitted within ten feet (10′) of the pool or wading pool.
• NO chewing gum, chewing tobacco, or other messy, sticky material.
• NO running, rough-house play, pushing, ‘fighting’
• NO spitting, spouting of water or blowing nose in pool.
• NO “cut-offs” allowed. Proper bathing garments are required.
• NO swimming allowed during heavy rain or when thunder and lightning can be seen or heard.
• NO pets (a visually-handicapped person’s seeing eye dog is the exception)
• NO illicit drugs or public drunkenness, or abusive, foul language.
• Smoking is not permitted inside the fenced area of the pool. A smoking post is provided outside the pool house.