GHOA Financials

The swimming pool, tennis courts, playground, and surrounding area comprise the common grounds of Glenleigh subdivision, offering residents quality recreational facilities. As homeowners, one of our responsibilities is to operate, maintain and care for these areas to keep our community an attractive and pleasant place to live.

We are able to continue these operations with a carefully prepared annual budget that to date is derived solely from homeowners’ annual dues. Glenleigh HOA is very proud to note that historically, we have not needed to make special assessments for this continued maintenance. The upkeep and maintenance of these areas represent the largest line item in the HOA budget, and the majority of annual homeowner dues are allocated here, including various utilities, maintenance and renovations to keep the area fresh and attractive.piggy-bank-house

The Annual Budget is prepared by using past years’ routine and special needs expenses as a basis. Items are increased or decreased, depending upon the expectation of the upcoming year’s needs. The Board then discusses and votes on the proposed budget before presenting it to the homeowners at the Annual Meeting, typically held the first weekend in May. Part of our responsibility as a homeowner is to approve a budget each year in order for the Board to continue to keep our common grounds area operating, attractive and well maintained.

Other areas in the budget are allocated relatively minor percentages: social activities, newsletters, website expenses, various office supplies and daily operational expenses.

You are welcome to contact our treasurer if you have any questions or concerns regarding the Glenleigh Annual Budget:

Click here to download the current Annual Budget.