Modification Review (MRC)

MRC Committee


When purchasing our homes, we all signed a contract as a Glenleigh homeowner agreeing to adhere to the guidelines set forth in our Declaration of Covenants established by the neighborhood builder, John Wieland Homes.

The Declaration of Covenants is the legal document that lays out the guidelines for the Glenleigh community. The Covenants are recorded as a public document registered with the Cobb County Superior Court Clerk, and are legally binding. This means that when you purchased your home here, you automatically became a member of the Glenleigh Homeowners’ Association (GHOA).

The Modification Review Committee (MRC) is comprised of fellow Glenleigh homeowners who have volunteered to oversee the integrity of our neighborhood architecture and structural guidelines to ensure the value and charm of Glenleigh is preserved by having a consistent look.

Any change a homeowner wants to make to the exterior of their home that impacts the exterior view, architecture or structure must be in line with the Covenants and therefore will require approval of the MRC.

An MRC Request Form must be submitted for any projects (download link below).

This includes anything that can be considered “hardscaping” such as:Home Improvement

— Tree removal
— Exterior paint colors (including shutters)
— Deck replacement or extension
— Entry doors (color and style)
— Window replacement
— Garage door replacement
— Roof covering alterations
— Additions or expansions

This is by no means a complete list.  Before starting any project, always check first with the MRC by submitting an MRC Request Form.  It’s better to have your plans reviewed prior to starting a modification to avoid any covenant violations.  The MRC will guide you through the approval process, and can even offer examples and design ideas should you need assistance.

To download the Glenleigh Covenants, click here.

To download the Modification Request Form, click here.

For more information, advice and guidance, please send an email to: