Non-Homeowner Facility Memberships

The Glenleigh HOA and homeowners welcome the use of our neighborhood recreational facilities to a limited number of non-homeowners from the local area, called Glenleigh Facility Members.   An annual fee of $625 (plus a one-time initiation fee of $100) must be paid in full and rules must be followed in order to enjoy use of the Glenleigh facilities.  Please see Section 18 “Use of Recreational Facilities by Non-Members” in the Glenleigh Declaration of Covenants.

Facility Member Rules & Regulations

—  The Facility Membership Agreement must be completed and approved, and the annual fee of $625 must be paid in full in order for Facility Members to enjoy use of the Glenleigh pool and tennis courts.

—  Only Facility Members and their immediate family members are allowed at the Glenleigh pool.  No outside guests or parties are permitted.

—  Facility Members are permitted to bring up to 3 guests to the tennis courts in order to play double rounds.  These guests need not be immediate family, but must be accompanied by a paid Facility Member.  These guests are not permitted in the pool area.


For more information about Glenleigh Facility Memberships, please contact

Glenleigh Homeowner's Association, PO Box 916, Mableton, GA 30126. Back to top