Being A Good Neighbor Means …

Glenleigh is a neighborhood of covenants. The fact that we have covenants is a strong selling point for realtors and prospective homeowners. To be good neighbors, let’s be sure we observe the covenants and keep our home values high.

Curb appeal:
Keeping your grass cut and your curb and driveway free of debris. Cobb County has ordinances that say grass should not exceed 12″ in height. It takes only 15 minutes to sweep a curb once a week or after a storm.

Keep your home clean and in good repair…no loose shutters, broken gutters, broken or moldy siding, broken porch lights, damaged mailboxes, etc.

Keep your BACK yard clean and free of junk. Everyone has at least 3 neighbors who have to look at someone’s back yard. This is not a place to store your junk…i.e. broken toys, old cars, lumber, trash… whatever. Your back yard should look as good as your front yard. Consider your neighbors who have adjoining yards.

Observe the Cobb County noise ordinance: No loud music, loud conversations, lawn mowers, leaf blowers, hammering, sawing, noisy vehiclesor other disturbing noise from 11:00 p.m. until 7:00 a.m. If you can hear something from 50′ away during those hours, it’s breaking the noise ordinance.

Barking dogs: While we all like it if Fido barks at an intruder, no one should have to listen to a dog barking all night. Everyone is entitled to a good night’s sleep. Bring your best friend inside if he can’t stop yapping.

Maintaining trees, plants and landscaping: Cobb County also has an ordinance about trees. If a tree is obviously dead, it must be removed. Plants and shrubs should be trimmed. Glenleigh properties should not look like a jungle. Over grown plants and uncut grass are a breeding ground for vermin, snakes and mosquitoes.

Vehicles: Cars belong on the driveway, not on the street or on the lawn.